Reviving pig industry, ensuring supply and price stability, Haid is at the forefront of "anti-ASF" campaign for local farmers


According to the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics recently, CPI in March turned from up to down, with a decrease of 1.2% and a year-on-year increase of 4.3%, 0.9 percentage points lower than the previous month. Experts pointed out that with the gradual acceleration of resumption of work and production, transportation and logistics gradually recovered, measures to ensure supply and price stability continued to increase, driving CPI growth down. Among them, the pork prices most concerned by the people increased by 116.4%, even though they are still rising, but the rate of increase has dropped significantly, down 18.8 percentage points over the same period.

In the future, the gradual resumption of pig production will drive the downward trend of pork prices, and the most important task at present is how to strengthen the prevention and control of ASF and other diseases and safeguard the safety of pig farms. Since the outbreak of the first ASF case in August 2018, Haid Group has been at the forefront of "anti-ASF", accumulating knowledge of non-plague, coping with methods, and the results have been verified. On April 14, Haid Group held an online conference on a new technology of "preventing ASF", which showed the latest scientific research achievements of Haid Research Institute, as well as the latest ideas and programs of "preventing ASF", and provided all-round support for the prevention and control of non-plague for households.

Haid group's "anti-ASF and prevention of ASF” new technology online press briefing

Quick diagnosis and Apply early treatment

Under the COVID-19 epidemic situation, Haid also had a deeper thought on "anti-ASF". We are aware that only by doing a solid job in rapid detection; deepening awareness, joint prevention, and control, and information sharing can we effectively block the transmission of the epidemic. Especially in the rapid detection, as early as June 2019, the "ASF virus nucleic acid detection kit" developed by Haid was evaluated by the China Animal Disease Control Center. Using the original research results of rapid detection and portable detection of viral nucleic acids, we developed and produced the "nucleic acid detection kit for ASF virus". Through collecting nasal and oral mucus swabs and blood, sampling, and sending them to the service station, the results can be obtained in an hour, realizing early detection, early diagnosis, and early treatment. It was the only "portable rapid fluorescent PCR" test kit shortlisted in the field rapid detection reagent identification of ASF at that time.

Nucleic acid test with antibody test, achieved fast and accurate detection of ASF

With the circulation and spread of ASF virus, its virulence will decrease, and most of the infected pigs show clinical symptoms of subacute and chronic infection. At this time, antibody detection is more suitable for the rapid detection of epidemic situation. Based on the above changes, in March 2020, the Haid Research Institute developed the rapid detection kit for the ASF antibody to detect antibodies against P30 protein in swine serum or plasma. As long as a piece of test paper and a drop of blood, it can quickly detect ASF in ten minutes, with an accuracy of 94.2%. It can be used as an on-site rapid diagnosis tool for suspected pigs, combined with nucleic acid detection, to effectively screen infected pigs and ensure the safety of fertilization.

Construction of 360° protection for preventing ASF

With a forward-looking awareness of prevention and control, as well as accumulated experience in continuous practice, Haid has formed a set of systematic and standardized "anti-ASF" process. The key lies in the construction of 3600 protection, namely, isolation wall of the pig farm, biosafety wall, the mucosal wall of the organism, and immune wall of the organism. First, the isolation wall of the pig farm, with the help of Haid's nucleic acid detection kit and antibody rapid detection test paper card, can quickly detect and distinguish infected pigs and healthy pigs, prevent external input and internal diffusion. The second is the biosafety wall, which can choose the new Nongweibao, new Nongshuqing, new Nongfeiqing, and other Haid products, thoroughly disinfect the vehicles, water sources, and items, remove the flies and ticks, purify the environment of the pig farm, and cut off the non-plague transmission path.

Haid has developed a full range of "anti-ASF" processes, providing quality products and services.

Besides, the core of the body mucosal wall and the immune wall is to strengthen the immunity of pigs. To this end, Haid has launched a series of "anti ASF" popular products, including Haixie'an, Xinnongwenkang, Xinnongyiyiqiang, synthase, and Youjiaoyi, which are suitable for improving the different breeding needs of mucosal immunity and organism immunity, routine health care, toxin removal, intestinal tract protection, and protecting susceptible animals. Because of the epidemic situation of different pig farms, Haid also gave out relevant product matching solutions, which is to achieve the prevention and control effect of disease prevention, disease prevention, and epidemic prevention.

Boost farmers’ confidence

As long as adequate prevention and control measures are taken, ASF is not so terrible. Up to now, Haid has helped many farmers prevent and control non-plague, stop -loss, and recover successfully. For example, Mr. Liang, in Qionglai, raised 152 commercial pigs and sought help from Haid at the end of December last year. Haid service staff carried out rapid detection of suspected pigs, and promptly implemented drug delivery, tooth extraction, biosafety protection, and other measures, and ultimately kept 130 healthy pigs. Mr. Wang of Mianyang City, who purchased 500 piglets in January this year. During the environmental construction and growth and fattening period of the pig farm, Haid health care and prevention solution was applied throughout the whole process. The pig herd remained healthy and stable and was free from the infection of surrounding non-plague pig farms. Under the service and guidance of Haid, many farmers have greatly improved their breeding ability and "anti-ASF" confidence, the rate of pig marketing has kept at a normal level, and the pigs are healthier.

Haid has helped many farmers to prevent and control ASF epidemic diseases and enhance their confidence in breeding.

Partner to fight against ASF and share growing opportunities

"Anti & preventing ASF" is a protracted war, benefiting from a strong R&D, management, and service team; Haid can quickly understand ASF and put forward a full set of prevention and control solutions. Moreover, Haid has a dedicated and determined "anti-ASF" service team, which rushes to the front line in time to help farmers achieve non-plague prevention and control. Whether it is a large-scale pig farm or a family farm, farmers can work hand in hand with Haid to provide opportunities and opportunities to accelerate the resumption of pig production capacity and promote the stable price of the “shopping basket" through the products and services provided by Haid.